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About ‘The Safe T Spot’

The Safe T Spot is an independent consultancy providing safety and risk management services including Training and PPE supply.

The company was founded on the principle of providing safety  and risk assistance to the resources industry and its personnel and continue to service  many Australian companies.

The Safe T Spot is armed with a team of dedicated, experienced professionals with a proven track record of safety and risk management services in many corners of the globe. The Safe T Spot recruits from a global pool of  talent to ensure that the company always remains abreast of the latest industry trends and information. Increasingly and rightfully, Workplace Health and Safety has become a major component of a successful companies operating objective. Regulatory bodies, the community and employees expect that safety and risk management is amongst the highest priority of all employers. Everyone has the right to finish their shift in the same condition as they started.

The Safe T Spot team has the proven skills and specialist experience to assist and provide support to management stakeholders in not just meeting this expectation but to go beyond merely being “compliant”. The Safe T Spot can provide a seamless experience from risk and hazard awareness, high-risk training, through to engineered solutions and access to a full range of  safety equipment.